Kaspar Outdoors: Machinist

Job Description:

Primary Function:

Operate and perform setup of CNC machines in the production of products related to customer job orders

Position Responsibilities include(but not limited to):

• Perform CNC machine setups, including manual vises, 4th axis rotaries, and specialized fixtures

• Utilize basic metrology equipment (calipers, micrometers, dial indicators, etc.) to verify machine accuracy and job setups

• Design and manufacture special measuring devices (for example, Go and No-Go gauges) to measure quality at each workstation

• Manufacture, modify, or optimize work-holding fixtures

• Sharpen and/or modify tooling and inserts with grinding wheels, belt sanders, or surface grinder

• Source tooling and work-holding equipment, as needed, and maintain on-site tool crib
• Enter computer commands to retrieve stored parts data and graphic displays, such as simulated patterns or templates
• Calculate and code machine controlling criteria, such as table movement, type and size of cutting and drilling tools, spindle location, and machining from start point, feed rate and speed, utilizing knowledge of numerical control machine operation
• Enter commands to title and store layouts in computer memory in order to build and maintain source files
• Key in command to transfer data listings or layouts to other media, such as hardcopy or storage device
• Operate as initial quality control inspector on all parts produced•
• Wear all safety equipment (glasses, gloves, ear plugs, back belts, etc.) as required by management and company safety policy

• Train machine operators on proper and safe operation of all CNC equipment
• All other duties assigned by management


• Demonstrated ability in the comprehension and practical application of quality workmanship standards
• Ability to read blue prints, perform basic math skills, and work with a combination of Fanuc, Haas, and Mitsubishi controllers
• Ability to visually inspect product for quality-at-the-source
• Excellent interpersonal communication skills


• Experience with operating and setting up CNC machines
• At least two (2) years of manufacturing experience preferred
• Ability to be trained on the job with more challenging equipment