Kaspar Wire Works: Welder

Job Description:

Primary Function:
Tig weld any combination of wire, tubing and/or sheet metal in order to assemble wire and tubing products as specified by work order sheets

Position Responsibilities include (but not limited to):
• Weld wire according to the instructions of the supervisor and product specifications
• Keep track of the time and amount of material welded on specific jobs
• Report to members of the department supervision for any questions, problems, requests or recommendations concerning personal or work matters
• Must be able to learn job, retrieve job tooling and/or samples, set up machine
• Maintain first piece and final inspection by Quality Control (QC) standards
• Use various tools, jigs, forms, arms and hands to shape metal parts to meet product specifications
• Inspect the welded product for quality of assembly and places in unitainer
• Return tooling to appropriate storage area
• Must be able to move the unitainer to a storage area by using a pallet jack
• Wears all safety equipment (helmets, safety glasses, gloves, long sleeves, ear plugs, back belts, aprons, etc.) as required by supervisor and company safety policy
• All other duties assigned by management

• Demonstrated ability in the comprehension of and practical application of workmanship standards, including checking finished weld product for accuracy
• Must be able to read and understand Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and production reports and production orders