Custom Long-Range

Derrick Ratliff


Derrick Ratliff graduated from Texas A&M with a BS in wildlife sciences and a minor in business. Already an avid outdoorsman, Derrick perfected his archery skills during college, joining the competitive compound archery team. Upon graduation, Derrick followed his passion to a research and development project coordinator position at Bowtech Archery in Oregon, where he established trends, designed new models, and collaborated with engineers to create innovative products. A job offer from Texas’ largest truck accessory distributor brought him home to Texas, and he spent several years with Kaspar Companies, working as a purchasing manager for Croft Distribution and then in marketing for Ranch Hand. His skills in hunting and shooting landed him a spot as the host of a Sportsman Channel TV series which eventually allowed him to utilize his extensive field experience to create a custom long-range rifle business, Horizon Firearms.

Katherine Rice

Director of Sales and Marketing

Katherine Rice holds a business administration degree, with a marketing concentration, from the University of Oregon. As the daughter of a forester, Katherine grew up in the woods of Oregon’s Willamette Valley hunting, fishing and camping with her family. Shortly after graduating from college, Katherine joined the marketing team at Bowtech Archery. After four years at Bowtech, she left to join S4Gear as marketing manager until its acquisition by Field Logic in 2012. Katherine then spent a brief, albeit educational, stretch in the snack food and tech industries before rejoining her absolute favorite industry — the outdoors. The combination of industry knowledge, passion and relationships, paired with the digital and content marketing tactics learned in the tech field, have proven to be a unique and valuable asset for Horizon Firearms and iota Outdoors.

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Horizon Firearms, headquartered in College Station, Texas, creates superior custom long-range, bolt-action rifles that are tailor-made to exceed the shooting wants and needs of every customer. Delivering the finest accuracy in the industry, every Horizon Firearms rifle is guaranteed to shoot .5 MOA with appropriate ammo and wind adjustments. The company’s distinctive firearms are assembled from the finest components and perfected by hand to provide excellence in workmanship, aim, style, comfort, and use. All custom rifles, semi-custom rifles, and rebarrels are designed to solidify a shooter’s confidence in the field or on the range. In addition to rifles, Horizon Firearms also offers innovative accessories such as the ZEROlight anti-cant device.


Customer Testimonials

  • Everything y'all touch is freaking sweet!!! Attention to detail!

  • I have had Horizon Firearms rebarrel 3 Remingtons and build two complete customs. I have total confidence you will not be disappointed.

  • Day 1 with my Horizon Firearms custom 270 WSM included one axis buck, two oryx cows, and one addax bull. Accuracy like nothing else I have owned. The 6.5 Creedmoor was spectacular as well with a pronghorn at 200 yards and a coyote at 350.