iota Outdoors

Derrick Ratliff


The president of iota Outdoors, Derrick Ratliff, grew up hunting, fishing and working on a family farm in Boyd, Texas. As part of the farming lifestyle, he learned to build, repair and customize mechanical implements. A BS graduate in wildlife sciences from Texas A&M University with a minor in business, he was a competitive college archer who was ranked No. 13 in the nation. Following graduation, Derrick worked as the R&D Manager for Bowtech Archery and Octane and as the Wholesale Marketing Manager for Ranch Hand Truck Accessories. He was also the producer and host of the Sportsman Channel TV series "Ranch Hand Horizons” prior to founding the custom rifle manufacturing company Horizon Firearms. Derrick is an avid hunter and shooter who brings extensive field experience to iota's vision and business execution.

Austin Ratliff

Director of Operations

Austin Ratliff is the project coordinator for iota Outdoors and is the company’s jack of all trades. Austin grew up the youngest of three Ratliff brothers on a farm and ranch in Boyd, Texas. Hunting, fishing, working and fixing things were a by-product of the stereotypical Texas upbringing. Austin received a visualization degree from Texas A&M University’s College of Architecture with a focus in 3-D animation and computer graphics. His dedication to detail and visual aesthetics as well as his unique set of computer skills provide great value to product development and marketing at iota. Austin’s dream hunt includes an Arctic Wolf with his totally tricked out Horizon Firearms 6.5 Creedmoor.

About iota Outdoors

iota Outdoors solves problems. Problems that some might consider small but make significant differences when resolved. We refuse to be an industry me-too, and we will only release a product that proves to provide cutting-edge solutions for hunters or shooters. Our products are invented for the inventors -- outdoorsmen who identify ways to enhance their shooting experience with modern technology and creative thinking.


iota Outdoors solves problems.

We are diligent in detail.
We are passionate for precision.
We are revolutionary with results.