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Cherise Ratliff


Cherise Ratliff, a fifth-generation Kaspar, is the president of Silverback Homes and the operations manager of Kaspar Companies internal ad agency, Espresso. A summa cum laude graduate of Texas A&M, Cherise earned a bachelor’s degree in finance. As a sophomore in college, Cherise obtained her real-estate license and began working in the College Station/Bryan real estate market. Upon university commencement, Cherise relocated to Oregon and worked in the residential, equine and rural property industries. Traveling back to the state of Texas, she joined Kaspar Companies accounting team and then Ranch Hand’s marketing manager. When the Eagle Ford Shale region of Kenedy, Texas, started experiencing increased oil activity, a lack of needed housing for the area’s influx of population was identified. Cherise began the process of developing Las Colinas Neighborhood, a community of affordable but beautiful single-family homes.

About Silverback Homes

Silverback Homes is filling a housing gap in Kenedy, Texas, with the Las Colinas development, a brand new 166-acre pre-planned community of beautiful and affordable single-family homes. Once a sleepy South Texas town, the Eagle Ford Shale region of Kenedy is transforming into a thriving little city with the area’s influx of oil activity. As the town continues to grow in population and infrastructure, it is in urgent need of proper, long-term housing solutions. Currently in phase one of a three phase process, Las Colinas has begun with 32 single-family homes and 28 custom home lots. A subsidiary of Kaspar Companies, Silverback Homes has been built from a background in development experience, including Terrace West, a residential development built in the 1980s, and Shiner Landing, a 10-acre subdivision recently completed in 2014.

Las Colinas Development

The Las Colinas Development is providing permanent housing solutions for Karnes County. With nine possible floor plans measuring up to 2,680 square feet and prices starting at $174,900, your dream home in Kenedy is ready to move in as early as July 2015. New restaurants, schools, hotels and hospitals are popping up all around our new development. If you’re anxious to end your commute or ready to move your family into a beautiful new home, contact us today to become a member of the Las Colinas community.


The Eagle Ford Shale

The Eagle Ford Shale, which is the largest oil and gas development in the world, is making a prosperous impact on the industries of South Texas located over the Eagle Ford Cretaceous sediment rock formation. The area includes 30 counties and has supplied over 116,000 jobs. In 2012, the economic impact on the area was exceeding $60 billion. As of 2013, there are 2,521 producing oil leases on schedule in this shale play that spans 50 miles wide and 400 miles long across South Texas. As people continue to migrate to the Eagle Ford Shale area, many towns, such as Kenedy, are expanding into thriving communities.