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Jason Kaspar


The eldest fifth-generation Kaspar, Jason is the CEO of Kaspar Companies, the Co-Founder of Texas Precious Metals, and the CIO of Ark Fund Capital Management, a global asset management company. Using the money he made from mowing lawns, Jason bought his first stock at the age of 13. As a high school student, he called his broker between class periods to buy and trade stocks. Jason graduated summa cum laude from Texas A&M University with a bachelor’s degree in both finance and accounting. Before settling down in Shiner, Texas, Jason lived in both New York City and Dallas, working as an investment research analyst for Highland Capital Management and a corporate restructuring analyst for FTI Consulting. With a firm foundation in his faith, Jason balances his enthusiasm for business by two-stepping and traveling on the weekends.

Scott McClaugherty


Born into a fifth-generation ranching family, Scott McClaugherty worked the family ranch as a child and a college student. After graduating from Texas A&M – Corpus Christi with a degree in business and an emphasis in human resource management, Scott went to work for the oil and gas industry. In 1999, Scott came to Ranch Hand as the manager of the West Ave. Truckfitters’ store. Over the next 15 years, Scott started picking up managerial positions at other stores, thus evolving into Ranch Hand’s vice president of sales. Scott implemented the inclusion of other items beyond the Ranch Hand brand in the store’s inventory, which directly led to an increase in sales. His commitment and confidence in the brand, as well as his extensive background in the ranching business, contributes to his continued success as Ranch Hand’s vice president of sales.


Founded in 1986, Ranch Hand was one of the industry’s first heavy-duty truck accessory manufacturers, responding to the problem of Texas’ vast deer population dashing in front of drivers as they maneuvered the back roads and open highways. Starting as a small mom-and-pop shop, Ranch Hand continues to do what it was made for, but now on a much larger scale for people all over the nation. Our product offerings have grown to include grille guardsfront bumpersback bumpers, and running steps. The advancements we have made in expansion, design and production have ensured the highest rate of effectiveness and quality in our heavy-duty accessories. Ranch Hand Truck Accessories is a subsidiary of Kaspar Companies, a fifth-generation family owned and operated American company. When it comes to safety, you can trust the best: Ranch Hand Truck Accessories.


Here at Ranch Hand, our number one priority is that you, your family and your vehicle are protected from the unpredictable. We’ve built a reputation in the heavy-duty truck accessory industry for having the highest quality products equipped with rugged durability and rigorous strength. Every single accessory is meticulously detailed and designed to match your vehicle make and model, and we update and adapt our designs yearly. “PROTECT YOUR TRUCK” and your loved ones with our sturdy and stylish Ranch Hand products.



My husband fell asleep on his way home from work last night and ended up hitting a tree. We think he was going between 40 and 50 mph on impact. I’m still in total shock that he walked away from this. He’s pretty banged up, but he’s okay. I am so thankful to God that he is still with us today. Wanted to share these pictures with you. I think his Ranch Hand also helped to save his life!

– Leslie

My parents had an ’04 Ford F-350 with a Ranch Hand on the front. We were all out taking a drive when we hydroplaned off the road going about 65-70 mph. We took out almost 40 yards of 6-inch mesquite and other brush. If it hadn’t been for the Ranch Hand, the engine would have been in my parents’ laps and probably killed them. We were able to pull the truck out and drive it 25 miles home. Ranch Hand saves lives. I’ll never own another truck without one. God Bless y’all!

– Amelia

I would like to take this time to thank the Ranch Hand Company. My son was in a vehicle accident on 10-10-10 when he missed a curve hitting a tree and then a ditch.. I honestly believe that if he had not had one of your bumpers on his truck, he would not be here today. We are looking at replacing or getting his truck repaired, but whatever happens, he WILL have a Ranch Hand Bumper on whatever he is driving. Again, thank you a lot for a quality product, and I will recommend it to anybody that asks. It’s not just a pretty piece of metal on the front!

– Don

I had a legend front bumper and rear bumper replacement on my 2006 Ford F350. I rolled my truck in an accident on June 12th. After the truck tipped on its side, it fell almost 12 feet off a culvert and landed directly on its front bumper, on concrete. The truck was totaled because of the roll over, but the bumper held, and there was minimal damage to the front end. I am now a firm believer that every truck should have one of these. I will be getting one for my next truck here in a week or two. My wife is even insistent on getting another one after seeing the accident for the protection of our child.

– Adam