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Kaspar Wire Works


We combine American craftsmanship with lean manufacturing to develop and produce innovative wire solutions that meet customer needs for costs, speed, and quality. By synchronizing production with customer supply chains, we minimize the customer lead times as well as inventory. Our multi-skilled, experienced craftsmen quickly build lean processes to ensure we meet urgent customer needs.

Kaspar Wire Works, previously known as Kaspar Manufacturing, has been a member of Kaspar Companies since its creation in 1898. Specializing in American-made, turnkey manufacturing, Kaspar Wire Works began with August Kaspar’s innovative idea to transform a broken-down wire fence into a basket built to carry corn shucks. The business was born when he sold the basket to a neighbor for a dollar and recognized the important role his invention would play in the farming community. Kaspar Wire Works has sustained itself for a century by constantly updating and growing with the metalworking needs of the time and standing firm in their principles of high-quality products and advanced design.

“We don’t do cheap, sorry work.”

-Don Kaspar

-Don Kaspar

Third-Generation Kaspar