Metal Manufacturing
Kaspar Wire Works

Laura Gautreau


Laura Gautreau is proof that hard work pays off. Originally from Dallas, she joined the workforce in 1982 with TD Industries, where she worked for more than 25 years. She has climbed her way up the corporate ladder, serving as a President of Accurate Air Systems as well as Vice President at Polk Mechanical in Houston. From Dallas to Houston and then Hallettsville, Laura has now landed in Shiner at Kaspar Companies. Laura loves a challenge and is prepared to put in hard work. As President of Kaspar Wire Works, she has found an abundance of opportunities for development and great potential for the future. When she isn’t working, Laura enjoys gardening, hunting, fishing, and doing DIY projects with her husband Steve. The pair mostly love to spend time with their four children and six grandchildren.

John Kovalcik

Supervisor of Die and Tool

John Kovalcik has worked at Kaspar Wire Works for more than 40 years. Starting at the Sho-Rack welding division in 1976, John has worked his way up in the company, supervising the jig department in the ‘90s and becoming the Supervisor of Die and Tool in 2015. He has always appreciated the versatility offered in his positions due to the wide array of projects Kaspar Wire Works develops. From weld frames and wire lengths to building new samples for the factory, there is always a new and different project to tackle. When he’s not supervising for Kaspar Wire Works, he enjoys fishing, hunting and spending time with his grandchildren.



Our story is one that started well over 100 years ago, when August Kaspar refashioned the remnants of an old wire fence into a single corn-shuck basket. Since selling our first hand-fashioned inventions, we have developed our production offerings to include a wide range of manufacturing capabilities: engineering, wire, sheet metal, machining and finishing. We remain at the forefront of innovation through the utilization of our state-of-the-art machinery and knowledgeable craftsmen within our 40-acre manufacturing plant, spanning 550,000 square feet. Kaspar Wire Works turns your concept into a product completely in-house at our Texas-based facility — experience the advantage of American manufacturing since 1898.


Kaspar Wire Works, previously known as Kaspar Wire Works, has been a member of Kaspar Companies since its creation in 1898. Specializing in American-made, turnkey manufacturing, Kaspar Wire Works began with August Kaspar’s innovative idea to transform a broken-down wire fence into a basket built to carry corn shucks. The business was born when he sold the basket to a neighbor for a dollar and recognized the important role his invention would play in the farming community. Kaspar Wire Works has sustained itself for a century by constantly updating and growing with the metalworking needs of the time and standing firm in their principles of high-quality products and advanced design.

"We don't do cheap, sorry work."
-Don Kaspar
Third-Generation Kaspar