With over a century of experience, we're proud to say that our family of businesses spans 20 recessions, one depression, two world wars, oil embargoes, steel shortages and 20 presidential administrations. Starting with a single wire basket, Kaspar Companies has since grown to be the parent company of seven subsidiaries: Ranch Hand Truck Accessories, Kaspar Manufacturing, Texas Precious Metals, Bedrock Truck Beds, Truckfitters, Silverback Homes and Horizon Firearms. A fifth-generation family business headquartered in Shiner, Texas, Kaspar Companies has evolved and expanded into diverse industries while remaining grounded in the founding principles of quality American workmanship and honest business practices.

Latest News

07August 2017
Kaspar Companies Welcomes New Chief Administrative Officer Gerald Tempton
Gerald Tempton - Kaspar Companies Chief Administrative Officer

Kaspar Companies is excited to welcome Gerald Tempton as our new Chief Administrative Officer. His primary role will be to help streamline and improve operational support for the eight Kaspar Companies subsidiaries and will directly manage multiple departments including accounting, purchasing, human resources, IT, legal, employee relations and our Espresso marketing agency.

14July 2017
Kaspar Goes Kaizen
Ranch Hand Kaizen Meeting

"Kaizen is the derivative of two words, 'kai' and 'zen.' Kai is change, zen is for the better, so all it means is 'change for the better.' So when we have an event, all we’re doing is making change for the better."

14July 2017
2017 Scholarship Winners
Scholorship Winners

Congratulations to Kimberly Trujillo and Skylar Zella for winning the 2017 Kaspar Companies scholarships.

12July 2017
Q3 State of the Union 2017
Ranch Hand Kaizen Meeting

2017 kicked off the process revolution at Kaspar Companies. The goal was to shift the focus and blame of problems away from our people and to the processes behind the work.

17May 2017
Announcing Cooler Rest
Announcing Cooler Rest

Kaspar Manufacturing has released the Cooler Rest, a cooler seat backrest that transforms a YETI, RTIC, KODI, ORCA or FRIO cooler into a comfortable cooler seat by adding a cushioned backrest.

04May 2017
Five Years of the Texas Silver Round
Five Years of the Texas Silver Round

Texas Precious Metals celebrates the fifth release of their annual 1-ounce silver bullion series with the unveiling of the 2017 Texas Silver Round featuring the elusive Texas bobcat.

04May 2017
Custom Benches: a Plethora of Personalities
Custom Benches by Kaspar Manufacuting

118 years of B2B business has led to some high energy retail action over the last few months. Kaspar Manufacturing's new leadership has focused their efforts on a couple of retail-oriented projects, reflected in their efforts to market their customizable benches through Amazon, Ebay and Etsy. Their custom benches are fun and interesting and can be built or painted to reflect a plethora of personalities.

03May 2017
Friday Night Tykes with Arthur Harris
Friday Night Tykes

Most Texans would agree that when it comes to weekends during the Fall season, there are few events more important than Friday night football. And for those involved in the sport, training can begin almost a decade before the player even participates in a high-school football game.

10February 2017
2017 College Scholarship Announcement
2017 college scholorship announcement

Kaspar Companies will be awarding two $500 scholarships again this year! Get your application in before April 7, 2017.

14Jun 2016
Tarek Saab, and Sen. Lois Kolkhorst, R-Brenham, next to a scale model of Texas Precious Metals’ proposed Texas Bullion Depository

Texas Precious Metals, a subsidiary of Kaspar Companies, has submitted a reply to RFI 212P regarding the Texas Bullion Depository, which was submitted by Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar. The Texas Bullion Depository could benefit the state as a recruitment attraction for business and an asset for domestic and internal relations...

03Sep 2015
Product examples from Kaspar Companies rebrand

Built to house what was once the entire company in the early 1900s, a green wooden building sits dwarfed under the shadows of the surrounding facilities. It wears the name “Kaspar Wire Works,” a title representing the deep history embedded within its structure...

22July 2015
Ranch Hand Welcomes Mike Kane as new VP of Manufacturing & Engineering
Product examples from Kaspar Companies rebrand

Ranch Hand is adding some manufacturing muscle to its team of experts in the SUV and truck accessory industry. His name is Mike Kane, and he is the new Vice President of Manufacturing and Engineering for Ranch Hand. Mike is making strides to improve...

15JULY 2015
custom long range rifle with scope, stand, and custom camo finish

Kaspar Companies announces the addition of custom long-range rifle manufacturer Horizon Firearms to their portfolio of Texas-based brands...


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