Kaspar Companies Welcomes New COO

Kaspar Companies is thrilled to welcome Jason Clifton as our new Chief Operating Officer. Jason’s primary role will be to serve as rocket fuel for the new Kaspar Companies lean strategy. His decades of experience overseeing manufacturing operations and initiating lean improvements will be invaluable as Jason contributes to Kaspar Companies and its subsidiaries as the third member of the Kaspar Companies executive leadership team.

Jason got his business start at the age of 10 selling sweet corn from the bed of his dad’s pickup truck in rural Iowa. From those humble beginnings, he has gone on to become an experienced businessman with a solid record of delivering sustained customer satisfaction results and building teams who deliver quality products and services on-time, while constantly improving safety, quality and cost. His background working with National Instruments and Danaher provides Jason a breadth of experience in science, technology, lean and innovation. With a Chemical Engineering degree from Texas A&M, an MBA from the University of Virginia Darden School, and a passion for coaching and teaching, Jason is a driven lifelong learner and believes problems are best solved with your boots on the ground. Jason is married to the Joy of his life (literally) and is journeying with her and their three children towards a hopeful, faith enabled future.