Project C.A.M.O – Camaraderie. Asset-Based. Military Competency. Opportunity.

Kaspar Companies proudly supports the sacrifice and dedication of our nation’s servicemen and women. Our commitment to hiring and supporting veterans and their families is demonstrated through Project C.A.M.O., our military friendly onboarding and continued support program. Kaspar Companies actively recruits veterans, and Project C.A.M.O. exists to help ensure all new military hires and their families are provided the best path to success as they transition back into civilian life at Kaspar Companies.

Programs within Project C.A.M.O. include:
Military Connected Competency Program (for Civilian employees)
Veteran Onboarding Program
M.E.R.G. (Military Employment Resource Group)
Point of Contact (P.O.C) Program
Career Development Opportunities
Free Onsite Mental Health Counseling

Our leadership team is committed to creating a work environment that promotes veteran friendliness and support. If you have any questions regarding Project C.A.M.O or any of the programs, please reach out to our HR department by email. (